Togiak River Lodge - Salmon Fishing Paradice
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Togiak River Lodge
PO Box 350
Togiak AK 99678
(907) 493-2262 Jun-Sept
(503) 784-7919 Oct-May

The Togiak River is quite possibly the best King and Silver Salmon river in Alaska. Numerous anglers who have fished all over the world describe it as 'incomparable'. King Salmon runs begin in mid-June and fishing is excellent through late July with fish weighing up to 50 pounds. The Silvers enter the river in early August and fishing is great until at least September 20th! Togiak Silvers are reportedly the largest in Alaska's freshwater, averaging 12 - 14 pounds, with fish up to 20 pounds.

Togiak River Lodge is the only permanent structure lodge on the river! We offer a great dining room and lounge, a 32" screen satellite TV and Internet access. Your Larry Csonka at Togiak River Lodgerooms are warm cabins with two beds, complete with bathrooms, showers and clean linens. A sauna is available to help you relax after the day's fishing!

What set's the Togiak Lodge apart?
The Togiak River is unique in that it is more remote than most popular salmon fishing rivers and gets very little pressure. The Togiak River Lodge is the only lodge on the entire river and unlike many other salmon fishing locations, our king salmon fishery has not been affected by closures, and restrictions.

We catch 20 to 40 (or more) kings per boat, per day on average during the king season and silver salmon fishing is nothing less than spectacular.

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